Oh Blue

Pullover / Romwe | Leggings / Aritzia | Shoes / Jeffery Campbell | Necklace / H&M

School is starting tomorrow and in the next 3 months I will be on surviver mood. I'm hoping this time around classes will be easier and less work would be given ( HAHA who am I kidding?). Anyways, I hope winter hasn't taken all your energy yet. It's gonna be spring in no time, Plus I am wearing the awsomest  pullover ever! So how can I not be in a fantastic mood and full of energy? I swear sometimes a piece of clothing could truly make you the happiest for a little while. 


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One Response to “Oh Blue”

  1. Hi Anat, can I ask you in which university you are studying, if you don't mind? My school already started, but it is too cold in Toronto. I hate to wake up early, when it is so cold:( Like your pullover!