Hidden Colour

Coat / FEMME | Dress / Everly | Shoes / TBA | Sunglasses / Prada

As my love for black just keeps growing and growing I feel like I have to add some colour once in a while, finally, it was the perfect day for this mix. Black makes me feel so sophisticated and grown up but then when I wear colour I feel like a mixture of a kid and an adult… I don't know… Maybe its just me.  There isn't too much I can say for this look, after all the dress makes the statement while the black coat, black tights , black shoes and black sunglasses tame it down to make it appropriate for winter… after all this is a summery dress.


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4 Responses to “Hidden Colour ”

  1. beauty :) i really like your style :)


  2. really chic look! your glasses are so fun!! x