A Day Diary

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It is hard to explain the feelings that come once you return to a place you once called home. It is a feeling of fulfilment yet a feeling that leaves your stomach empty for days. It is nostalgia and the little moments you realize you once took for gruanteed. It is everything you've known as a child and everything you forgot as an adult. It is a place that never changed but for some reason does not look the same anymore.

- Haifa July 2014

Black & White Horses

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| Dress / Cala | Sunglasses / H&M | Bag / Over the Rainbow / Shoes / Birkenstocks |

Sometimes I walk the streets pretending to be in another city
Sometimes I walk the streets feeling like I am part of the city
Sometimes I walk the streets trying to understand the city
Sometimes I walk the streets and admire the city
Sometimes I just walk the streets and smile
and sometimes I walk the streets and know that I am home 

Photos by Fanny