A little journey to Israel


Despite the political issues, I have been to one of the most remarkable countries on this planet and also my country, Israel. I have travelled from the north to the south and to the east and to the west. I have seen views that have changed my life, I have met people who influence my thoughts, and I have become a changed individual on many levels after this trip. Although my 10 day trip is up, I am still currently in the country for pure pleasure and entertainment and catch up with old friends. This visual diary is a small representation of my experience and the sights I have seen and was able to capture.

Wynwood Magic


| Shirt / American Apparel | Shorts / Zara | Shoes / Birkenstocks 

My appreciation and love for art and artists is impossible to describe, and it has all been put in front of me in Miami. Myself and Sonya went on a little exploration trip at Wynwood and found some wonderful art. The harmony of the different artworks and installations together were just a beautiful symphony.